Highly flexible service-oriented architecture

LexaCloud platform combines the best of cloud computing and service oriented architecture to deliver a highly flexible and scalable cloud-based application platform. The architecure separates the platform into loosely coupled layers enabling evolution of the platfrom using the latest technologies. The service oriented architecure also enables us to plug in custom applications easily without the need for modification of the base platform.

The application platform is built on top Amazon EC2 infrastructure for high availability and flexibility. Data is stored in either relational database or NoSQL database such as MongoDB depending on the type of data and processing needs. Our prebuilt component services for data storage, management, security and collaboration enables rapid development of applications. Finally, the presentation layer build using GWT and HTML5 allowing us to build a very rich and easy to use interface.

LexaCloud Platform Architecture

Rich set of services

LexaCloud's application platform includes a rich set of services that handles the basic needs of data management and analysis applications. These services enable development of custom applcations within the platform environment as well as integration of third party applications. Services that are part of the base platfrom include parsing of input files, data storage, data retrieval, user management, secutiry, auditing/logging, sharing/collaboration, data analysis, charting, data export, and other common functions. These services can be easily integarted with custom business logic to rapidly build reliable and user friendly applications.

Services framework