Highly flexible cloud-based application platform-as-a-service

LexaCloud's highly secure and flexible cloud-based application platform enables fast deployment of data management and analysis applications. Whether you need highly secure customer facing applications or internal data management/analyis tools, we can develop and host your applications as a service. Rather than worrying about hosting or infrastructure management, focus on your business needs and serving your customers. We can also help monetize your applications using subscription and billing services built into the platform.

Our application platform is developed on top of industry leading Amazon EC2 infrastructure for high availability and flexibility. All data is stored on servers managed by Amazon, which are more secure than your desktop, laptop or even servers in a typical company environment.


Custom cloud applications

Our core application platform combined with technology and domain expertise enable us to deliver custom applications much faster and cheaper than applicaiotns developed in-house. Whether you need brand new applications or are porting existing desktop applications to web/cloud, we can deliver fully functional cloud-based applications in as few as 4 weeks.

More than 50% of the time it takes to develop a typical application goes towards repetitive activities such as file handling, data storage, data management, queries, reporting, export, and standard user interfaces. Since LexaCloud uses a proven and tested application framework with the standard components built in, development of custom applications is extremely fast and cost effective.

Social and collaboration features

We realize that in today's work environment, applications need to provide easy-to-use collaboration and social features to be successful. LexaCloud platform is built from the ground up to make collaboration seamless, easy and natural.

With our application platform, collaboration with other users is a matter of a few steps. Users can share their data with others for read-only or read-write purposes. They can also add comments to collaborators' data and view updates in real-time.